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Our Goal

Our goal is to empower individuals to take control of their own data which will lead to better security everywhere for everyone. Data security has historically been left to large organizations which act as trusted custodians of valuable information. This model of security has created large “honey pots” of data that make these organizations very attractive targets for hackers and attackers. By exploiting just one vulnerability, malicious actors can gain access to massive amounts of valuable data.

Securing your data

Due to the many failures of trusted custodians, the explosion of sensitive data, and the advent of blockchain technology, data security has shifted to an owner controlled system to provide a better way to secure personal data.

Breaches are a thing of the past

Our aim is to make our EdgeChain platform available to individuals customers as part of a solution offered by major financial institutions which will make large scale data breaches a relic of the past and will help propel everyone safely and easily into the emerging networks of the future.

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